Life Sequence - Who we are

Life Sequence - Who we are


There are lots of different types of mystery boxes available on the market, especially in the areas of tech, gaming, clothing and beauty. We wanted to take that concept and provide an exciting and luxury way to buy gifts for babies and toddlers. What makes Life Sequence unique is:

  • We are the only provider of mystery boxes for baby and toddler gifts;
  • We only use green and ethical suppliers; and
  • We guarantee the prices of our boxes will be at least 25% lower than the RRP of the contents. 

We want to be much more than a company that sells gifts; we want to be part of green and ethical business practice, and raise awareness of the importance of making responsible choices as consumers.

We will do this through the choices we make as a business, promoting the likeminded, independent companies that we work with such as @PureandDimple and collaborating with social media influencers with similar values such as @N4Mummy.

What we are about

We are passionate about finding beautiful and sustainable baby and toddler items for our boxes, from organic creams to wooden toys. We also love the kinds of people we get to work with who are running amazing green and ethical independent companies.

We carefully research, select and pack all of our items by hand. The boxes are available in unisex age ranges with the exact contents remaining a mystery until opened, creating an exciting and luxury shopping experience.

The boxes are released in limited numbers on specific drop dates.

What we hope to achieve

Over time we hope to build a network of suppliers, followers and customers to help give us a voice in combatting climate change and promoting ethical consumerism.

We want to become a platform for independent, eco-friendly and ethical companies to promote their message, launch new and innovative products and reach a wider audience through our mystery boxes.

We are driven to be a part of showing how the choices we make as consumers can be positive for both people and the planet.


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