Our Aim

Our Aim

It is our aim to be much more than a company that sells gifts. 

Customers & Followers

We want to create an experience for our customers where they have the excitement of buying a different type of gift with not only confidence in the green and ethical credentials but the quality and look of the items. In addition to this, customers will benefit from buying at a price that is guaranteed to be at least 25% less than the RRP of the contents of each box.

A big aspect of our aim is to be a part of raising awareness of how we, as consumers can make responsible choices to help protect people and reduce the impact on the environment.

Choosing to help the planet


As a business we aim to expand and diversify our collections to include more age ranges and serve different gift needs.


We also want to work very closely with our suppliers so that we champion what they are doing, their values and messages and also provide a different way for them to promote their products. We will put a focus on new and innovative items and help small and independent companies launch their green, ethical and beautiful products.

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