Our eco-credentials

Our eco-credentials

We are the only company offering green and ethical Mystery Boxes for baby and toddler gifts. Here are some details about what makes buying a Life Sequence Mystery Box an eco friendly choice.

Our Eco Aims

We want our Mystery Boxes to be a part of raising awareness of how we, as consumers can make responsible choices to help reduce the impact our purchases have on the environment.

Over time we hope to build a network of suppliers, followers and customers to help give us a voice in combatting climate change.

We want to become a platform for independent, eco-friendly and ethical companies to promote their message, launch new and innovative products and reach a wider audience through our Mystery Boxes.


We carefully research our suppliers and choose only ethical and responsible companies to supply us with beautiful and sustainably sourced baby and toddler items.


We include items that share the message that businesses and consumers need to take action to help protect the planet.

We search for products like the Pure and Dimple rubberwood plates that feature in some of our Mystery Boxes. These are made from a by-product of the latex industry and are sustainably sourced from plantations rather than deforestation. Futhermore, the designs on the plates are heat etched so no inks or chemicals are used.

Postage & Packaging

We choose how we package and deliver our Mystery Boxes with great care to ensure they are both low impact on the environment and help show how postage and packaging can be responsible and green.

  • Gift Box: Made from FSC card and recycled paper covering
  • Postcard: Made from recycled paper
  • Postage Box: Enviro Box made from 80% recycled and FSC materials + single wall to reduce material
  • Parcel Tape: Natural rubber adhesive, recyclable in paper bin, no dangerous or unhealthy components
  • Packaging: Air pillows made from potato waste and compostable
  • Delivery: Carbon neutral

Any one buying a Life Sequence Mystery Box will have taken a small but meaningful positive action as a consumer to help combat climate change.

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